David Szakaly (Davidope)

A series of absolutely stunning and mesmerising Op Art animations from bilingual and ‘bi-cultural’ Hungarian / German graphic designer David Szakaly aka Davidope.  Click on the animations below to see the full size version (if you can handle it..!)








David is the is founder and creative director and founder of Volll studio, based in Budapest, Hungary, where he lives with his pet dachshund Susie.  Volll was founded in 2003 and the studio has created a number of stunning sites and designs for clients including Renault, BMW, Ariel (Procter & Gamble) and Audi.

You can see more of David’s beautiful and inspiring work on his website, Davidope.com.  You can also find his work on his Tumblr site.









David Szakaly aka Davidope (he’s the one on the right).

David Szakaly (Davidope) by

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