This site is all about Op Art or ‘Optical Art’, a movement pioneered by artists like Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely in the 1960’s which came to public attention after an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1965 called “The Responsive Eye”.  On the site, you can read about the main artists, see examples of their work and find out about upcoming exhibitions, learn about the history of Op Art and download pictures from the gallery.

Recent Op Art News
  • Carl Cashman new print on sale
    Prescription Art is releasing a new limited edition screenprint by UK based contemporary street artist Carl Cashman who we have featured on this site before. “Although usually abstract, Carl’s work is always personal. And
  • French Vendee council ‘dump’ Op Art sculpture by Carlos Cruz-Diez
    A large steel and enamel sculpture by famous Op and Kinetic Artist Carlos Cruz-Diez that was installed in the grounds of a school in La Roche-sur-Yon, France, has been taken to the local dump
  • Gianni Sarcone’s Kinegrams – Art in Motion
    Gianni Sarcone has produced a new series (although he has been working on them since 1997) of optic kinetic works he is calling his “Kinegrams”. In Gianni’s words: “Kinegrams are interactive, static images
  • Op Artist Mon Levinson dies
    Op Artist and Sculptor Mon Levinson – one of the original 100 artists exhibited at the famous 1965 “Responsive Eye” exhibition – has died on March 25 2014 at his home in
  • New Bridget Riley Mural at St. Mary’s Hospital, London
    Bridget Riley has created another stunning hospital installation, this time at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington. Work on the mural (physical work at the hospital – not design and preparation) started in
  • Irma Boom’s Op Art Wallpapers
    Irma Boom is a Dutch graphic designer living and working in Amsterdam. Irma has recently produced a wallpaper series for design house Thomas Eyck that is reminiscent of Bridget Riley‘s early 1980s
  • Valentine’s day Op Art – Gianni Sarcone
    Better late than never? Can I get away with that? The infinitely talented Gianni Sarcone has created a series of works based on hearts for all (Op Art) lovers. Gianni did in
  • “OpEvol” – Op Art iPhone/iPad visualisations app
    Scott from Muddlegeist software has recently released an iPhone / iPad app that generates an ever changing series of Op Art inspired patterns. “A few weeks ago I was a bit ill,
  • Vasarely theft
    Be careful who you let in your house, particularly if you have original works by Victor Vasarely. A Florida woman was ordered held on a $10,000 bond after she stole works from
Op Art Exhibitions on now

If you’d like to get involved in the site, please do get in touch with us: perhaps you’re an Op Artist looking to feature your work; or you’ve got an Op Art exhibition coming up and you’re looking to spread the word; you might just have found an interesting bit of Op Art news… please do let us know.

Featured Artists

  • Aleksander Drakulic
    We’re delighted today to be able to showcase the work of Aleksander Drakulic, a Slovenian artist currently living and working
  • Francis Celentano
    Francis Celentano is one of the original Op Art pioneers who was featured in the cutting edge exhibition that is credited
  • Yohei Yama
    Yohei Yama was born in Japan and currently lives and works in France. A component common to the majority of
  • Charline Lancel
    Charline Lancel is a Brussels based visual artist producing digital Op Art pieces that are currently printed on Aluminium panels
  • David Buckden
    David Buckden is an artist living and working in the UK who produces vibrant abstract geometric art. Originally a painter,
  • Garry D Harley
    Garry Harley is an American artist, born in Denver, Colorado and raised in Nebraska who currently lives and works in
  • Stanford Slutsky
    Stanford Slutsky is an American artist, born in Pittsburgh, PA where at a young age he unearthed clay and started
  • Polly Merredew
    Polly Merredew is an artist living and working in the UK and we’re delighted to be presenting some of her
  • Tom Martinelli
    Tom Martinelli is an American artist, born in Queens NY who now lives and works in Galisteo, New Mexico.  Tom’s
  • Fabrizio Rainieri
    Fabrizio is a graphic designer and artist living near to Florence in Italy.  Until 2003 he worked as a surveyor
  • Lucy Alva Latashew
    Lucy Alva Latashew is an Argentinian born artist living and working in Barcelona.  All of the work you see is
  • Anomynous Artist
    Op Art started primarily in black and white.  Bridget Riley’s early pieces for example were painted solely in black and