French Vendee council ‘dump’ Op Art sculpture by Carlos Cruz-Diez

A large steel and enamel sculpture by famous Op and Kinetic Artist Carlos Cruz-Diez that was installed in the grounds of a school in La Roche-sur-Yon, France, has been taken to the local dump rather than repaired. The work – Colonne Chromointerférente – was first installed in 1972 and was scrapped this year.


Cruz-Diez and his work that the French decided to scrap rather than repair

The Vendee council decided that it made more sense to dump the artwork rather than repair it, despite it having a value estimated at around €200,000. The work had become rusty after more than 40 years in situ and the council decided that it was a danger to the public.

No announcement was made about the scrapping of the work but its disappearance was noticed by a blogger – William Chevillon – in June this year.

In a letter published by Ouest France, Cruz-Diez responded to the the situation. “For those who ordered the destruction of my Colonne Chromointerférente… art does not exist and makes no sense. If the situation had been any different, the work would have been maintained,” he wrote. He also expressed his disbelief that “such an incident could have taken place in a country that is considered cultured and a fervent defender of the arts.”

He does have a point I think…



French Vendee council 'dump' Op Art sculpture by Carlos Cruz-Diez by

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