Op Art Marilyn

I found an interesting Op Art portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Abderrahmane Doulache done using the “trait anglais” technique to give an Op Art effect.  You can find some other excellent portrait based works on his profile on Art Limited.

Op Art Marilyn

Op Art Marilyn - Copyright © Abderrahmane Doulache (France), All rights reserved.

“The “trait anglais” technique is hardly used today; it had its heyday in the press in the sixties when it was used mainly in advertising. The drawing was done in India ink for reproduction in black and white. For this portrait of Marilyn, I used the same technique, but introduced an extra dimension – that of color.” (Abderrahmane Doulache)


Abderrahmane has just released a very cleverly constructed Op Art portrait of James Dean.  Click on the thumbnail below to see the portrait on artlimited.

Op Art James Dean

Op Art James Dean - Copyright © Abderrahmane Doulache (France), All rights reserved.


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