Layla D’Angelo @ Galeria H2O

Layla D’Angelo @ Galeria H2O

The Op Art / Kinetic works of Layla D’Angelo are currently being exhibited at the H2O gallery in Barcelona.


Carrer Verdi, 152. 08012 Barcelona
T 934 151 801

Layla D’Angelo’s new art works offer an invitation to the infinite. Hints of Russian constructivism, op art and kinetic sculpture are combined in black and white wall mounted iron constructions, held together with magnets, that can be subjected to unlimited reconstruction by the viewer.

The exhibition is open today (30th March 2016) and tomorrow (31st March 2016) from 4pm to 8pm

You can see full details of the exhibition here:

Aleksander Drakulic

Aleksander Drakulic

We’re delighted today to be able to showcase the work of Aleksander Drakulic, a Slovenian artist currently living and working in Budapest, Hungary.

Did you study art and if so where?

I work as a graphic designer, and have worked previously as an art director. The last few years I have been working in the field of measurement and testing: time, frequency, environmental and vibration testing systems. Thanks to all, whom I could learn from, for helping me to understand the illusion of time, space and accuracy.

momentum_triangle-05_14-May-2014 Mirror02_illusion_9_August_2014GeoMetrum05_illusion_AD_op-art_w

Why do you like Op Art?

I prefer to call it psycho kinetic art . We live in a world that can be both a beautiful illusion and nightmare in our mind. Op Art helps us to understand that the Universe and our perception of the Universe is much more complex than it might seem and that we live within its ever changing patterns of multidimensional space-time-cycles.

unitas-05_alea_6_June_2014 illusion-18_AD_30_July_2014 unigena-05-triangle_30_July_2014

Which Op Artists have particularly inspired you?

I have taken inspiration not only from the ‘traditional’ art world but also from studies of Arabic geometry, Plato, Euclid, Pythagoras, modern science and multilevel geometry which I have found to be much more useful in trying to understand the fundamentals of modern thought.

How do you make your art?

Creating artwork is a passion. Pushing geometry to its very limits, making geometry look almost like a part of the material world means you have to use all the tools you have available.

percept44-111_illusion_6_June-2014 Tubus-02_20_may-2010 percept44-08_illusion_24_mau_2014

Thanks to Aleksander for getting involved. You can see more of Aleksanders’s work on his website.