Featured Artists

  • Aleksander Drakulic
    We’re delighted today to be able to showcase the work of Aleksander Drakulic, a Slovenian artist currently living and working in Budapest, Hungary. Did you study art and if so where? I work as a graphic designer, and have worked previously as an art director. The last few years I have been working in the field of
  • Francis Celentano
    Francis Celentano is one of the original Op Art pioneers who was featured in the cutting edge exhibition that is credited with bringing the Op Art movement to the mainstream – the famous “Responsive Eye” exhibition held at New York’s Museum of Modern Art in 1965 – where his work was shown alongside work by Bridget Riley
  • Yohei Yama
    Yohei Yama was born in Japan and currently lives and works in France. A component common to the majority of Yohei’s works seen here is the miniature trees – something that came to Yohei whilst in shock after Fukushima, probably the most devastating nuclear accident in the history of mankind. You may not have heard much
  • Charline Lancel
    Charline Lancel is a Brussels based visual artist producing digital Op Art pieces that are currently printed on Aluminium panels using the ChromaLuxe sublimation technique. Under sublimation, the image is not printed on the surface of the panel but instead after intense heating actually becomes part of the image. The use of aluminium suits Charline’s work
  • David Buckden
    David Buckden is an artist living and working in the UK who produces vibrant abstract geometric art. Originally a painter, in the late 1960s David gave up painting and instead concentrated on installations and film-making as this was very much the fashionable thing to do at the time. It wasn’t until 1999 that he returned to
  • Garry D Harley
    Garry Harley is an American artist, born in Denver, Colorado and raised in Nebraska who currently lives and works in Concord, Massachusetts, USA (west of Boston). He is a trained architect and his OP-ART prints and paintings have been selected for display in the last two Faber Birren National Colour Award Show’s conducted by The Stamford
  • Stanford Slutsky
    Stanford Slutsky is an American artist, born in Pittsburgh, PA where at a young age he unearthed clay and started to make sculptures. In High school Stanford won numerous awards in jewellery designing and art. He moved to Florida 31 years ago where he became a full time working and producing artist. Most recent solo exhibitions
  • Polly Merredew
    Polly Merredew is an artist living and working in the UK and we’re delighted to be presenting some of her work this month.  You can see more of Polly’s work on her Facebook page and website (which is currently being redone) via the links at the bottom of this page. Did you study art? If so,
  • Tom Martinelli
    Tom Martinelli is an American artist, born in Queens NY who now lives and works in Galisteo, New Mexico.  Tom’s paintings have been widely exhibited.  Most recently he had a solo exhibition in the David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico which we wrote about here.  If you want to see more of Tom’s work (the
  • Fabrizio Rainieri
    Fabrizio is a graphic designer and artist living near to Florence in Italy.  Until 2003 he worked as a surveyor before retraining in graphic design at the International School of comics.  Fabrizio creates an interesting mix of Op Art and strong poster art style graphics, often using just three strong colours (black, red and white). Did
  • Lucy Alva Latashew
    Lucy Alva Latashew is an Argentinian born artist living and working in Barcelona.  All of the work you see is hand painted and is masterfully precise in execution.  Lucy has been concentrating on Op Art and geometric abstraction for several years and has exhibited in Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Israel.  You can see more of her
  • Anomynous Artist
    Op Art started primarily in black and white.  Bridget Riley’s early pieces for example were painted solely in black and white.  Later she introduced shades of grey and later still a limited set of colours.  It’s nice to see the artist ‘Anomynous’ (sic) going back to the roots of Op Art and producing some excellent hand
  • Igor Vojtela
    Igor Vojtela is based in Western Slovakia and has a background in teaching Maths and Physics but now works in the field of computing. He produces most of his Op Art pieces using Xara software, although the initial ideas are often sketched out on paper. “When I was born in the last century in a small
  • Schneider
    First update of the New Year is from London based artist Schneider who uses cubes, lines and vivid contrasting colours to “question our perception of space and perspective, producing imagery that echoes the Op Art and Geometric art of the 60s and 70s. “ Did you study art? If so, where? I’m self-taught Why do you
  • Nikos Smyrnios
    Where Op Art meets Pop Art…   Nikos Symrnios grew up in the 1960s – a time when Pop Art and Op Art were hugely popular both in the art world and in the mainstream.  These movements had a lasting and powerful effect on Nikos and he spent a lot of time trying to find a
  • Jaka Bonča
    One of the things I like about running this site is finding people who create Op Art in a totally original and unique way – for example Orang Vahid who produces stunning Op Art pieces using only the ‘draw’ utility within Microsoft Word.  Jaka Bonča fits this category of artists; all of his art is created using fonts
  • Joanna Potratz
    Joanna Potratz, who lives and works in Poland, started creating her art in a difficult period in her life in which she was unhappy and out of work.  Sitting down with just a pencil, ruler, fountain pen and paper she started creating geometric black and white pieces.  At that time she says she had no experience
  • Gianni Sarcone
    Widely considered as a leading authority on visual perception, Gianni Sarcone has written numerous books on topics ranging from optical illusions through to visual and critical thinking (see below for links), so we are absolutely delighted and honoured to be able to feature some of his work on the site. In recent years, Gianni has acted
    CVADRAT (which means ‘square’ in non Cyrillic Russian) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1959 and now lives in Barcelona, Spain. Did you study art? If so, where? No, I didn’t. In fact my attempts to do so were a complete failure for two reasons: I have no drawing skills at all (some kind of strange neurological
  • Guillermo Aguilar Huerta
    Originally from Monterry, Mexico, Guillermo Aguilar Huerta started to take art seriously in his early twenties, first studying for a Diploma in Art History at Tecnológico de Monterrey (I.T.E.S.M.), then later studying Fine Art at Instituto Naacional de Bellas Artes in Monterrey and Interior Design at Cedim, Monterrey. Guillermo’s time as an artist in Monterrey was very successful and he got
  • Carl Cashman
    Carl Cashman is a contemporary artist based in Devon, who creates stunning, vibrant geometric-based optical art. Some of Carl’s work is painted using UV reactive paint, which adds a further visual element to the pieces when seen in the right environment. Carl originally studied art at Dartington College of Arts and graduated from there in 2008. 
  • Robin Hunnam
    Robin Hunnam creates both digital and photographic Op Art.  He studied graphic design at Ravensbourne College of Art and Design, went on to work as an art director in a London Advertising Agency and now works a designer and illustrator. “The two most important lessons that I learnt during the course were that at its heart,
  • I am, we are
    The person behind “I am, we are” – the latest artist to feature in the Op Art Gallery – is a 27 year old self-taught art director from San Juan, Puerto Rico. How do you create your work? My process is purely based on a concept idea, experimentation and evolution.  A rough draft may end up
  • Chris Long
    Chris Long first developed an interest in and started creating Op Art when he studied for a B.A. in Art at Solihull College in the West Midlands (UK).  That was 7 years ago.  Since then he has completed an M.A. in Fine Art at Birmingham City University and has started his own business selling his designs
  • Arnold Steiner
    Born in Venezuela and raised in Miami, 36 year old Arnold Steiner has been involved in Fine Art and Design for most of his life. As a child he was given a box of Crayolas; a defining moment that first sparked his passion for art. After graduating from High School, Arnold studied for 3 years at
  • Myoshka
    In this update, we’re showcasing the visually immersive work of talented London-based Op Artist Myoshka. Myoshka, 33,  has worked in the creative side of the advertising industry for the past 15 years in jobs ranging from graphic design, web design, motion graphics through to directing, which is what he currently does.  In his spare time he
  • Tony Digital Art & Design
    I’m really pleased to be starting 2012 with a hugely talented South American Op Artist, Tony.  Tony runs the blog ‘Tony Digital Art & Design‘ where he posts up his artwork.  I originally came across Tony via Marco Braun‘s flickr page, and contacted him late last year.  After agreeing to show his work on the site,
  • Maryland Primary II
    It’s that family time of year, so we thought it would be nice for Christmas to return to the pupils of Maryland Primary School in London to show some of the final pieces from their Op Art project.  The junior Op Artists here are all 4 years old. Each piece is shown alongside the Bridget Riley
  • Terry Healy
    The latest additions to the Op Art Gallery are the work of 71 year old Op Artist Terry Healy. “I have always been interested in art and started drawing at a very early age but it was not until the late 1960’s that I really started to paint in Oils.   I was always interested in geometry
  • Bradley G Munkowitz
    Bradley G Munkowitz has over a decade of experience functioning as a design director for the motion graphics industry and has continued to remain passionately involved in the global design community, giving lectures in countries around the world including Australia, Korea, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Canada, England and the USA. He began his professional career as
  • Maryland Primary
    With this update, we are doing something a bit different and featuring some of the works of a younger generation than normal – the potential Op Artists of the future. Working with glue, paper strips and computer art software the children of Maryland Primary School have come up with these 4 excellent pieces bases on the
  • Stephen Jaques
    Stephen was born in Derby (UK), and from an early age knew his vocation was to be an artist. He attended Derby College of Art and then Canterbury College of Art. At Canterbury he encountered a group of artists heavily influenced by American post-painterly abstraction as well as the School of Paris. This modernist inheritance was
  • Torrin Smart
    The latest update to the gallery features some of the work of Op Artist Torrin Smart. Now living in Glastonbury, Torrin has concentrated on creating exclusively Op Art based work for the previous 10 years, although it has only been recently that he has begun to show his work in public. The reason for focusing on
  • Mark Dagley
    This month, we’re delighted to feature the work of Mark Dagley. For the past 20 years Mark has “engaged the fundamentals of abstraction by creating geometric paintings that have the ability to induce psychotropic perceptual experience”. Though Mark is a generation removed from the original Op Artists, he is a well-known and respected practitioner of “neo-optical
  • Chris Tucker
    In this months gallery update we’re featuring the work of London based Op Artist Chris Tucker. Chris has studied both at East Ham Art School and Chelsea School of Art and has been concentrating on Op Art since the late 1960s. “I believe that combining psychology and mathematics to create optical abstract pictures that are exciting,
  • Orang Vahid
    This month’s update features some of the stunning and original Op Art work of Orang Vahid. Originally working with a pen, paper, a ruler and a compass, Orang has been creating Op Art – or as he calls it ‘Geometric Art’ – for over 20 years. When he started to use computers and in particular Microsoft’s
  • David Szakaly (Davidope)
    A series of absolutely stunning and mesmerising Op Art animations from bilingual and ‘bi-cultural’ Hungarian / German graphic designer David Szakaly aka Davidope.  Click on the animations below to see the full size version (if you can handle it..!)               David is the is founder and creative director and founder of
  • Martin Schuster
    Martin Schuster is the latest Op Artist to be featured in the gallery. Martin initially started creating Op Art in the 1960s and after a long break has rediscovered his love of the style and has picked up where he left off.   Martin does not work within the digital medium; instead, he works with pen
  • Matt W. Moore
    The latest artist to display their work in the gallery is Matt W. Moore.  Matt is the founder of MWM Graphics, a Design and Illustration Studio based in Portland, Maine. Matt works across disciplines, from colorful digital illustrations in his signature “Vectorfunk” style, to freeform canvas paintings, and massive murals.   He exhibits his artwork in galleries all
  • Marco Braun
    The newest additions to the gallery come from a series of Op Art works by the German digital artist Marco Braun. Marco works primarily in Photoshop and uses digital pictures of grids or lines wich he transforms with filters to create his works. Marco is a huge fan of Flickr and is very active on the
  • Huda Al-Ruwais
    Huda was the original inspiration for the Op Art Gallery.  She contacted me in early 2009 asking if it was possible to display some of her work and some of her student’s work on the site.  I agreed and Huda sent over the beautiful pictures you can currently see. I’ve since lost touch with Huda and