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Op Art Software

OpArtica II Tunnel – great free downloadable software (or you can run it within a browser) that allows you to create your own Op Art. Slightly limited in terms of the range of Op Art you can produce but is very easy to use and gives excellent results. There is also a link to an earlier version. Thanks to Umit Calik for pointing this resource out to us. Below are a couple of examples of pieces Umit produced using the OpArtica software.

About the Op Art Movement

Op Art page at Wikipedia

Op Art page at The Tate

Op Art page at Moma

Bridget Riley

Bridget Riley at

Bridget Riley at Wikipedia

Bridget Riley at The Tate (text)

Bridget Riley at The Tate (works)

Briget Riley BBC 3 interview (contains transcript and audio link to the interview)

Bridget Riley at Moma

Bridget Riley at Timothy Taylor Gallery

Victor Vasarely

Victor Vasarely at

Victor Vasarely’s official website (by wife Michelle) (by son Pierre) – note this site is in French

The Victor Vasarely foundation

Victor Vasarely at Wikipedia

Victor Vasarely at the Tate (works)

Richard Anuszkiewicz

Richard Anuszkiewicz’s official site

Richard Anuszkiewicz at Wikipedia

Joseph Albers

Joseph Albers foundation

Joseph Albers at Wikipedia

Joseph Albers at the Tate (works)

Jesús Rafael Soto

Jesús Rafael Soto at Wikipedia

Michael Kidner

Michael Kidner at the Flowers Gallery

Michael Kidner obituary, The Telegraph

Michael Kidner at The Tate

Optical Illusions