Carrie Marill @ Lisa Sette Gallery, Scottsdale Arizona

I’m a little late on this one as there are only 8 days left as of this post, but if you’re near Scottsdale, please go in and have a look at Carrie Marill’s work at the Lisa Sette Gallery.  The exhibition is called ‘Hi n Lo’.

The title is a reference to a thought that struck Lisa after a visit to the Museum of Modern art (NY) and a subsequent visit to the American Folk Art Museum, namely: “Why is an Op Art piece considered ‘high’ art and an intricate quilt considered ‘low’?”

“The theme centers around this idea of blending the two worlds. What if Joseph Albers was a quilter or Gee’s Bend quilts turned into Abstract Expressionist paintings?” (Carrie Marill)

Red and White Mantra

Hey Bridget you wanna Mac?

Carrie Marill @ Lisa Sette Gallery, Scottsdale Arizona by

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