Illusions Video (Part I) – Samm Hodges

Samm Hodges has released the first in an 8 part video entitled Illusions.  The opening few minutes shows graphically how some common illusions (such as the spinning dancer and the Necker cube) actually work and is set to some great music by artists like Christian Fennesz.  I’d highly recommend this interesting video.

Illusions (part one) from Animal on Vimeo

Written and Directed by Samm Hodges
Produced by Phinehas Hodges
Director of Photography: Brad Knull
Animation by Samm Hodges and Lenny Wilson
Dancer: Kelsey Bartman
Narrator: Bingo O’Malley
Additional Photography: Matt Meehan
Edited by Samm Hodges
Production Company: Animal
Shot on location in Santiago, Chile and Pittsburgh, PA.



Illusions Video (Part I) - Samm Hodges by

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