Sonia Enache Original Op Art Fashion Show – Friday 28th June in Bucharest

Sonia Enache is a 26 year old fashion student at the University of Arts in Bucharest who has produced the amazing Op Art inspired designs you see below.

Sonia Enache - GraphX

Her graduation show is on tonight (Friday 28th June 2013) at 9pm @ 28 Calea Griviței, Bucharest (Romania) so if you are in Bucharest and want to see some inspired Op Art fashion designs then head on over there.  The collection has been coordinated by Razvan Vasilescu. Entrance to the show is free.

Sonia Enache GraphX collection 1

Sonia Enache GraphX collection 2

Sonia Enache GraphX collection 3

The collection is called GraphX and makes use of digital printing direct onto the fabric – a process that has revolutionized fabric design in general.  In addition to the clothing designs, Sonia created all the Op Art patterns herself in Adobe Illustrator.

“I discovered my interest in op art this year, when one of my teachers encouraged me to go in this direction with my designs. So I began thinking practically about how optical illusions would look on textiles – in a way that retained the optical illusion aspect.  I had always been attracted to this type of art – one of my favourite artists being Maurits Cornelis Escher.  I also love Bridget Riley’s works, Vasareli’s and recently I found Helen Owen‘s works which I think are very original and beautiful.”

Sonia Enache GraphX collection 4

Sonia Enache GraphX collection 5

Sonia Enache GraphX collection 6

“The first illusion print I designed was based on putting black and white rectangles together in different sizes and then distorting them with a twist effect. People who saw the print on fabric uncut became dizzy very quickly. My tailor turned the fabric on the other side when she cut it because she was getting dizzy, too”

Sonia Enache GraphX collection 7
Sonia Enache GraphX collection 8
Sonia Enache GraphX collection 9
Sonia Enache GraphX collection 10

If you would like to contact Sonia about her designs then you can do so on

All photos by animat.

Thanks Sonia for getting involved and good luck with the show!


Unsurprisingly the show was a big success.  Here’s a photo from the catwalk:

Sonia Enache catwalk

Sonia Enache Original Op Art Fashion Show - Friday 28th June in Bucharest by

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