Gianni Sarcone’s Kinegrams – Art in Motion

Gianni Sarcone has produced a new series (although he has been working on them since 1997) of optic kinetic works he is calling his “Kinegrams”.

In Gianni’s words: “Kinegrams are interactive, static images that magically move as soon as the reader/viewer overlays them with a special film. Based on early optical principles, this new technique allows me to transform everyday objects into little movie machines… These optical applications produce true amazing effects with simple phase-motion patterns and stripe overlays — rivaling the classic motion picture toys of a century ago.”


You can find out exactly how Gianni’s kinegrams work and see many more of them here and here. There are also a number of interactive kinegrams on the second link to Gianni’s own site such as this one below. Click and hold the mouse button down over the right hand side box with the vertical lines and drag it over the left hand side image of the woman to see the effect.



Gianni Sarcone's Kinegrams - Art in Motion by

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