Bridget Riley wins Sikkens Prize

Bridget Riley has made history again, this time by becoming the first woman to win the prestigious Sikkens Prize.  The Sikkens Prize is a Dutch art award given to an artist in recognition of their ‘use of colour’.

From the Sikkens Foundation website: “This grand old lady of British art will receive this prestigious colour prize for the way in which she has enriched her work with colour. The purity, subtlety and precision of her use of colour have led to a sensational oeuvre from which a new generation of artists is drawing inspiration. At the same time she has demonstrated her ability to appeal to a broad public with her abstract work.”

The Gemeentemuseum Den Haag is putting on a Bridget Riley exhibition in honour of her win which runs until 01/06/2013

Bridget Riley wins Sikkens Prize by

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