Beverly Fishman ‘Wavelength’ @ David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe, USA

A new exhibition by Beverly Fishman is on now at the David Richard Gallery, 544 South Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico, NM 87501, USA.  The exhibition is called ‘Wavelength’ and runs May 10 2013 to June 15 2013.  The exhibition is the second solo exhibition for Beverly Fishman at the gallery and features new works painted on stainless steel.

Beverly Fishman Op Art at David Richard Gallery

“Fishman’s latest work focuses on wavelengths that are used in medicine, such as EKGs and EEG and other diagnostic tests. While these wavelengths are a physical representation of specific bodily functions, in Fishman’s work she uses them to comment on how medical data becomes a more important representation of the patient than the actual person in our high tech, data driven, fast paced world. Icons of pharmaceuticals subtly collaged among the data along with bright and fluorescent colored stripes of barcodes reference the temptation of marketing and a consumer-driven culture that believes in and expects a cure for every disease and discomfort. All painted on polished reflective stainless steel, allows the viewers to glean a hint of themselves through the data and decide if there really is a pill to cure their ill.

Inspired early in her career by Gene Davis, Richard Anuszkiewicz and Mel Bochner, her artwork is rooted in color and hard edge painting, Op Art and Pop Art. However, Fishman has created her own language that imbues her paintings, wall reliefs and sculptures with a conceptual underpinning that challenges the viewer visually and intellectually. The exhibition also features one of Fishman’s latest Pill Spill sculptures, consisting of many blown glass elements that are larger scale replicas of pharmaceuticals clustered together as though just poured from a bottle by someone scrambling in search of the right drug for that particular moment.”

The gallery is open 10am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday.  Entrance is free.


Beverly Fishman 'Wavelength' @ David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe, USA by

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