Op Art Pebble watch faces

I think ‘smart’ watches are clearly going to be the ‘next big thing’ with rumours of Apple bringing one out, Microsoft bringing one out (see bottom of post for the standard Microsoft gag) and so on.

One that is already out is the pebble watch developed by Pebble Technology and funded via Kickstarter.  The reception has been a bit lukewarm but improvements and additional functionality are beginning to emerge.  Recently Pebble community enthusiasts have released hundreds of new watch faces that you can download and install via GitHub and elsewhere.  There were 2 that really caught our attention because of the Op Art styling.  If you’ve got a Pebble, I strongly suggest downloading ‘Illusion‘ and ‘Squared‘.

Op Art Illusion pebble watch face

Op Art Illusion Pebble watch face

Op Art Squared pebble watch face

Op Art Squared pebble watch face
















Or if you want to wait for something with a more familiar feel to it, you can always wait until Microsoft bring out their smart watch…

Microsoft Smart Watch



Op Art Pebble watch faces by

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